1971 Jaguar Steadman TS100

Vehicle details

Entry number:
Jaguar TS100
EJA 972
Modern Classic
Michael Nicholls

The Jaguar Steadman TS100 is a rare British sports car that was designed and built to order by Ottercraft / The Steadman Car Company in Cornwall in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It was never intended to be a replica of the SS100 built by Swallow Sidecars in the 1930’s, but was an exclusive, hand-built, aluminium bodied, turn-key sports car in its own right, utilising more modern mechanical parts and build methods.

Steadman TSL00 chassis and body

The lower chassis sub-assembly reflects the standard twin-rail design of the 1930’s, with cross bracing added to improve torsional stiffness. The upper sub-assembly is constructed using both round and square section tubing, as opposed to a wooden ash frame, to provide a strong, secure passenger cell to which the aluminium bodywork is attached, together with a heavy aluminium firewall between the engine bay and passenger cockpit.

Steadman TS100 mechanical specification

The cars were fitted with either 2.8, 3.8 or 4.2 litre Jaguar XJ6 DOHC in line six cylinder engines, with either manual or automatic gearboxes. The front and rear suspension, brakes and steering are also all taken from the Jaguar XJ6 which has basically been re-bodied, retaining its original wheelbase and therefore its tested and approved road holding capabilities. The cars retain the original date of first registration of its donor car, so in the majority of cases they are classed as historic vehicles and are therefore not liable to Road Fund Licence charges in the UK.

Prices for a complete car rose from £36,000 in 1989 to £49,500 by the time the company ceased trading in 1991. Of the 31 cars built, 25 have been traced around the world and we are endeavouring to locate the remainder. The build quality was of the highest standard, with each car taking some 1850 skilled man hours to complete.

In 2015, a large quantity of original specific TS100 parts, which included all the aluminium body panels, lights, fitments and build plans were traced to the USA. These have now been returned to the UK and are available through the club.