1971 Morris Oxford V1

Vehicle details

Entry number:
Oxford V1
FPL 320J
Steve Frangou

1971 Morris Oxford V1, 1600cc, 2 axle-rigid body

This Farina was one of the last of its kind to roll off the production line back in July 1971. The car has had a total of just 3 owners since new.

In 1987 the 2nd owner Michael Grinsted bought the vehicle and moved it to his home in Old Basing, Basingstoke. Between 1987 and 1993 the Oxford underwent an extensive refurbishment which included, a complete re-spray, re-upholstered leather seats along with new carpets and new headlining. Strange fact during the interior refurbishment works which are still in the car today, was that they were actually carried out by my wife’s late father Malcolm Crawley.

With the refurbishment complete, Michael did not take the car out that much at all. In fact the last time it was driven by him was to his nieces wedding in Torquay which was around 1998/99. After this journey the Oxford stayed in his garage until after his passing in May 2019 when we took over the car.

In order to get the car back on the road after it’s lengthy stay in the garage not moving, the following has been replaced:

Oil Filter, Fuel Pump, Fuel Hoses, New Battery, Points-Contact Breaker, Condenser, Rotor Arm, Ignition Coil, Spark Plugs, Carb Gasket Kit, Jet Assembly, Choke Cable, HT Leads, Distributor Cap, Fuel Tank taken out, cut open & shot blasted & re-lined, new Fuel Sender unit, 4 New Tyres, Fan Belt, Shock Absorber Links and both rear Shock Absorbers.

We would also like to thank the following for their help and assistance in getting the car back on the road:
Bill Rawles Classic Cars
Sporting Classic Motors
Supa Dupa Garage
Alexander Autos