1963 Hillman Imp

Vehicle details

Entry number:
NWR 677A
Traditional Classic
Les & Ann Human

Left Rootes Factory (Linwood) near Glasgow – 11th October 1963, Registered 3844KM when sold to first owner by Rootes Dealer in Orpington Kent – 1st November 1962. Starred in One Episode of TV “Heartbeat”,  Acquired by my son as NWR 677A when second owner kept the original registration. He let me drive it, eventually taking over the ownership in 2002 when the mileage was nearly 46,000 miles. Since then I have driven it over 32,000 miles to Classic Car events including tours to Scotland, Wales, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Germany.

“Olive” is an earlier Hillman IMP Mark 1, two door deluxe saloon. The model being launched by the Rootes Group on the 3rd May 1963 from a new factory in Linwood Scotland. Powered by a rear mounted 875cc engine of 39 b.h.p. @ 5000r.p.m. that is based on a ground breaking fire-pump engine by Coventry Climax which became a Formula one engine in Lotus and Cooper Racing Cars. The car was not a commercial success having major faults when first released which gave it a bad reputation with poor sales and warranty claims bankrupting Rootes. Rootes having sold out to Chrysler who continued production to 1976. Because of the ground-breaking engine design it was very successful as a race and rally car in the 60’s and 70’s.

1963 Price £532-4s-7d of which £92-4s-7d was purchase tax.