1958 Ford Zodiac

Vehicle details

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Traditional Classic
Barrie Atkinson

This vehicle was purchased in 1958 by Mrs Lewis of Leesland Road, Gosport, and was sold three years later to her brother, George Weaver, who lived in the same road. Geoge kept his vehicle in daily use until the day he died in 1995. The car was left to his niece, Diane, who was the daughter of Mrs Lewis. Diane had learned to drive in this car when she was 17 before emigrating to Canada aged 18. For the next 25 years THO 501 lived in Ontario, bearing the registration 58 ZODIAC which Diane’s husband, Stan, managed to purchase from the local licensing agency along with 59 ZODIAC for another car they owned. With Stan’s health declining I travelled to Canada to finish off a Triumph TR3 that was a ground up restoration which he could not finish due to illness – Stan was so happy to get to drive his beloved TR3 that a year later he had the Zodiac shipped back to Gosport as a gift to say ‘thanks!’

In my younger days, while in the motor trade, I worked on the car when George Weaver became unfit to maintain it, never realising that one day I would be the proud owner! It now lives 100 yards from where it used to live for it first 37 years, still boasting its original interior and most of its exterior, including registration number.