1952 Riley RMA

Vehicle details

Entry number:
PSU 138
Traditional Classic
Nigel Peachey

The Riley RM series of cars were produced from 1947 to 1955 in various models.

This one is a 1952 RMA 1.5 litre with the Riley two cam engine.

We have owned the car since 2003 and have carried out many repairs over the years.

First was the replacement of the boot floor and rear wheel arches and much associated welding.

The rear roof timbers were replaced at the same time. Also the l/h/r door.

A new exhaust system was fitted and we replaced the interior roof lining and the door trim panels.

In August 2020 the body wooden sills decided to retire from active service and had to be replaced which was a major undertaking and at the same time the metal floor pan was found to be infested with metal worm so that had to be treated to some welding.

In 2021 the engine let me know that it was well past its sell by date and a RME engine is currently fitted until the original is ready for active service.

We have used the car mainly for shows and trips out at the weekends and we did take part in the GE Classic Car London to Brighton Run in 2014.

By and large she has been quite reliable in spite of the foregoing list of repairs and bearing in mind she is 70 years old and has never been given a complete ground up restoration.